Various Bathroom Tile Inspiration Images

Bathroom is a very private space. Not just cleaning up dirt on the body from daily activities, but the bathroom also functions to restore our mood. we can spend a long time in it. So, it never hurts to remodel bathroom to be a pleasant space. I do not recommend making your bathroom as shown below.

If you want to change the ceramics in the bathroom, here are some theme images that can be used as references.

  1. Bright, attractive, innovative

Not always neutral color to choose a theme in the bathroom remodel. See some of the pictures below. What an amazing impression presented by bright, attractive, innovative. You will be more at home spending time here.

  1. Black and white

Simple elegant and looks wider. The impression that is presented is a combination of these two contrasting colors. If you want to look a little natural, choose a flower-patterned or leafy ceramic wall. This gives an impression of nature. Want to modify the hexagonal bathroom floor, stacking ceramics combined with the location of the white tub. Or install the ceramic so that it resembles the shape of the flower. Installing a small ceramic mosaic will also give the impression of not being boring.


Simple, minimal ornaments but more courageous to play patterns are the meanings that contemporary concepts carry.

  1. Modern simple bathroom

Want remodel ceramics in a bathroom with a simple and modern theme or maybe with a touch of red, here are some of our images that might be used as references


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