Simple Chic Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Cup of tea / coffee, guitar and blanket. It is the  most often needed during this extreme cold weather. Warm soft to remove deep cold. This activity is not far from the family room. Especially living room.

In the living room, coffee table is the center of the room. The size, shape and material of the coffee table greatly affect the room. Besides your decorating touch.


Yeay, a coffee table exists for function more than anything. You need a place to put your drinks, after all. But the table is also an opportunity to create a vignette in your living room. You could just stack some books on there and call it a day, but you’re better than that. The coffee tables will get you inspired to go restyle yours.


Place a vase, a clear bottle, or a candle on your side table for a classic look. You can easily find this attractive decorative at the nearest department store or home decoration outlet. Or remove your old collection if you still have a collection that is still suitable for display.

Stack books. Place it on the table or under the table. Combine with the shape of the coffee table. The size of the book is also a consideration. Try to choose books of different thickness also for further visual interest. If you want to make your decorations a little more personal, try choosing a book that focuses on a subject that you like, such as a photo of a puppy or a beautiful mountain landscape.

Arrange the potted plants on your side table for a simple and natural look. Ornamental plants are classic decoration items and perfect for side tables. Make the potted plant into a stand-alone center on your side table, or group it with other items, such as decorative jars and a stack of books. Mini and succulent ferns (such as cactus and aloe vera) are good plants to decorate; Succulents also have the advantage of being easy to treat. If you don’t want to care for live plants, buy fake plants to decorate.

Want to give your living room an easy update? Here are some simple chic  coffee table decoration ideas  that will help you create a perfectly styled look like a pro.



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