Relaxing Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom

Bedroom is apart of the house that always makes us want to go home when traveling. The bedroom is a very privacy space for us. Where we will go to bed if you want to take a break to unwind from all day activities.


Play with color personalization, furniture to the use of various motifs, textures and design styles. The color of interior paint has an important role as a means to strengthen and provide the theme of your chosen bedroom. Color is also believed to be used to cure and balance emotions and with proper application can create harmony in the bedroom in the house.

Bright colors give the impression the bedroom looks wider, but vice versa with a darker color. Avoid using dark colors on the bedroom that can absorb light.


The following terminology is used to describe a color that might help the selection of the house’s paint color.

Hue. Is the name for a color. Red is hue, blue is hue. The value of hue depends on how bright or how dark the color is

Saturation. Refers to how dominant a color hue is. Color intensity is a thing you need to pay attention to, whether you like color combinations to create gradations or just want to highlight the feel of one color.

Well Instead of confused the hue and saturation, here are some inspirations for choosing the interior colors for your bedroom.


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