Gorgeous Christmas Wreath Ideas

Entering December is the same as welcoming a special Christmas. There are many things that cannot be missed during this special month. Warmth with family and relatives is one of the meanings that can be taken behind the Christmas celebration.

In making Christmas preparations, of course there are important decorations to celebrate. Outdoor preparation is as important as indoor preparation. You know what outdoor activities I mean. Yep! Wreath! The bouquets that are installed on the door are of various shapes and types.

But, do you know why most wreaths are circular. This is intended to signify God’s love that never ends. Traditionally flower bouquets are made from pine leaves and berries are used to decorate green bouquets. Although some people see it as an ornament, in fact the inspiration for the bouquets of flowers comes from the crown of thorns that Jesus used during the crucifixion. The red fruit in the Christmas circle represents the blood of Jesus who spilled on the cross.

As time goes by, the shape of the bouquet of flowers was increasingly varied. Not only does the circular shape of the material also vary. Some are made of wood twigs, cloth, ribbons, even red colors are also adjusted to the basic material. The red color is not only taken from the red berries but is taken from various kinds of ornaments, whether it’s dolls, flowers, or even toy cars. Therefore, in determining the wreath decoration, of course, adjusted to the desired theme.

Well what are you waiting for? Here are some Gorgeous Christmas Wreath Ideas that can be used as inspiration to give warmth to your family and relatives.

Merry Christmas …


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