DIY Projects Design Ideas For Better Small Bedrooms

The longest part of the house we use is the bedroom. At least we occupy it for a day for 6-8 hours. Likewise in remodel room. Bedroom is the first place to express your artistic talent. Is it DIY or buy? If you want DIY, give a small touch but give a big change.

It starts with changing the position of the mat, table, chair, bookshelf and cupboard. Whether to place a table or mattress facing the window. Arrange the storage vertically and use it to store a collection of books, even to put decorative decorations for example small plants or pictures. Stick to the sticker wall, wall paper or want to change the color of the wall paint combined with furniture. Don’t waste it under the bed. Because it is very useful to place your personal collection; Luggage bags, clothes, books or even a collection of shoes. But if you want to place a higher mattress, the study desk and wardrobe can be placed underneath.

Here’s a picture of the small bedroom that can provide inspiration for you.


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