Dining Room Design Ideas For The Warmth Of Your Family

Dining room is a family room. We can eat together and mingle with our family in dining room. Jokes to serious chatter can be happen on the table. Cozy dining room is  the dream of every family. No one doubt it.

Does your family have children? If so, bright coloring will make her happy. But when we think that tomorrow will invite relatives to banquet, we must provide a more representative dining room. Dining room set plas an important role in determine the theme.  Whether it requires a console or not. Some people think that console table is not noticed. This table serves to put dirty dishes.

How about the lighting? Center of this room is dining table, so the lighting was centered on the table. Put the chandelier on the table.  Note the distance between the bottom of the lamp with the table, ideal distance between 28 to 32 inch. if you want to maximize sunlight, place the table near the window.

Want to look fresher with your plant decor?  Put a large plant on the corner of the room and vase on the table console. But, if your dining room is not large enough put a little vase on your dining table. It can also serves to fill table if table is empty. Red flower or yellow, this color can also increase appetite. No need to dominate this color in your dining room. Combine with contrasting colors by providing wall decorations. Photos or painting. For a small dining room, pastel and white color give more spacious.

Are you looking for suitable idea for your dining room? Well, we provide interesting dining room design ideas that can  be applied in your home or apartment. You can get an interior design ideas consisting of furniture, settings, or decorations.


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