50 Interesting Accent Wall Images in 2019

Home is a place of residence for beloved family . It’s not just a building to live in but a home is a home sweet home that always makes us want to go home when traveling.

Play with color personalization, furniture to the use of various motifs, textures and design styles.The color accents on the wall can create and give birth to a lot of imagination. Although it looks simple but the choice of colors is the main point in realizing the theme of your space. even colors have magical powers in them.

making the right color makes green leaves look more interesting

Making accents on the wall can use contrasting colors from the main colors in your space. For accents to appear more leverage, try using accent colors to highlight accessories or decorative ornaments, this can steal the attention of anyone who enters your space.


Besides, making accents using color in the room can use more than one contrasting color. Applying several contrasting colors can be an interesting idea to try.

Textured wall accents will look more unique compared to plain walls. Making textured walls can use natural stone materials or use decorative painting techniques such as marble techniques, sponging techniques and others.


Here are 50 Interesting Accent Wall Images in 2019  for your space.


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